Friday, August 21, 2009

The Holy Impant RELEASED!


Listen to Makeshivt Kity's new release:
The Holy Implant, in it's entirety.

Jordannah's label has
released mastered version of the 10 track
album here!:


Quote from Makeshivt Kity press release:

"The album is a lot more experimental.
I really wanted to express a sense of
realism when it comes to deeper
realms of uncomfortable and private emotions
with this album.

This record is heavy, and it can be little disturbing at times.
I tried things with my voice that still work in
the vain of anti folk, meaning unconventional and expressive,
because I was really trying to tell a story about a woman
who was losing it after losing everything.

The album is ultimately about failure...
it's about failing at everything and living with that fact.
It's the darkness before the turn of the tide...
and is a flip from Los Angeles, which was an album that really
reflected hope and innocence, I guess..."

Note from Jordannah:

Thanks for all the support and reviews from the underground
music heads. I love you!

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