Thursday, August 6, 2009

Makeshivt Kity's Take on the "Sophomore Curse"

"I'm going through a kind of a "sophomore curse" right now...
I put out an album called "Los Angeles" which was a industry darling, and then I recorded this moody, experimental album called "The Holy Implant LP" and everyone's kind of freaking out about it..."

"No, I can't make happy go lucky pop albums all the time...and I'm not always going to make heavy experimental psychodelic records all depends on how I feel...if I like the song the way it is, unpolished...than so it shall remain."

While Makeshivt Kity is waiting to release "The Holy Implant LP" and her LoFi/B side EP "Lo B Fi Side" she looking to work with new artists and go on tour.

"I'm hoping to tour Los Angeles this winter...then record an album about the experience called "Silverlake Sunset" look out for that. Cheers"

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