Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New music coming soon!

The new solo demo from Jordannah Elizabeth (Makeshivt Kity) is taking shape.
Look for Jordannah's new demo EP "Patience".

Did you know Jordannah's been playing guitar for 10 years??

"I finally realized I'm an okay guitar player after this long.
I'm finally starting to feel comfortable with my skills."

The new EP is a singer/songwriter project by Jordannah.

"The songs are simple and profound...at least to me.
The songs are turning out to be this small collection of lullabies.
I'm enjoying writing this album, after a rough patch of not knowing the direction
of this project, the vision is finally coming together...
or it's emerging on it's own really.

The art is running the creative process of this album.

Sometimes, a 3 year old concept with drive my music...
sometimes, just writing different songs will drive the whole
album to take shape into what it wants to be."

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