Friday, September 24, 2010

The Run Down

Cyclical Silver Sick Sunshine have invited Cellist Layne McNish to play with the band. To hear a demo of Layne playing cello to their track "Closer", go to:

Makeshivt Kity's new album, Love Forever, will be released with in October.

Jordannah Elizabeth has announced she's preparing to finish writing and recording her follow up to "Patience".


Join here. Enjoy personal blog posts from Jordannah, rare music and infomation on her favorite musical artists, and the most up to date info and releases happen THERE.

There are heaps of new updates on The Process Record's Myspace (we finally got it organized). You can hear a leaked track from MK's album "Love Forever" on the profile!!!

And we've completely updated Cyclical Silver Sick Sunshine's Myspace as well. Listen to NEW TRACKS AND WATCH UNRELEASED VIDEOS from the band.
Check it out here!

So, that's what's happening. Thanks for following our artists. WE LOVE YOU!

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