Saturday, October 10, 2009

"Patience" Demo Attempt #1

"I had two studio sessions scheduled in one day. The first session was one
I haven't been too comfortable about since I booked it.

Right before the session I
called the producer who was still sleeping at noon on a Friday...

He gave me some lip on the phone, right before I was heading home to pick up my guitar and I cancelled the session basically by bidding him a good day and hanging up my cell phone."

4 hours later:

The next session was with a friend of mine.

We were all miked up, sound check was done, we started rolling, and after I got
through the first song, my friend realized, nothing was coming through the board.


So we did a video on a new Macbook Pro, using Quicktime.

I was unhappy with the product.

My friend told me to keep rolling through the video during mistakes...
the video ended up being 30 minutes long and I was
later informed there would be no editing because the rendering process
would take too much space up on the Mac.

Then what the hell did I sit there and record for????

Why didn't we just do on three minute song, so I could throw it
up on Youtube???

Even so, I didn't expect to be recording on camera and I didn't like
the way I looked.

I have a CD of the session, but it's not even worth putting up
on, where I post all my C sides.

Oh well. We'll try again today, and we'll keep trying until
we come up with a good product."

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