Monday, October 5, 2009

Makeshivt Kity solo project

"I'm playing under the name "Jordan Elizabeth" for this next tour.
It's what my mother and father named me, and it's how I'm going to
present myself from now on.

I tried a lot of things when I was recording/performing as Makeshivt Kity and had a lot of fun, but this new album is about me...for the first time, I'm
writing a record about me.

All the other albums have been a story or written about my relationship
with someone else. I'm cutting out business and collaborations and
am taking the time to make simple acoustic ballads that make sense...
cus they are coming from a real place, place I understand a lot better than before."

Look out for Jordannah's new solo album:

A three song sample will be released this month.

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